Placeholder - Tambourines Naples

These are the tambourines placeholders that were present on the tables at my wedding.
On the drums I've hand painted some of the places to which I and my husband are very much related:
The Palazzo donn'anna - Window of Marechiaro - The beach Calanca Marina di Camerota - Vesuvius and gulf of Naples
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Ideas painted by Daniela Palma
Table cloths, embroidered and hand-painted
The tablecloths are linen, high quality, completely handmade, hand-embroidered and hand-painted.

These below are some of my ideas are painted, but if you want we can create together your own idea design idea and customize your tablecloth to your liking .

A unique item to embellish your home, to use on special occasions and to welcome in a very refined and elegant your guests .
Tablecloth Orchid Phalaenopsis

This tablecloth was made for a person who loves to decorate his thing with objects, elegant but most of all, loves flowers and in particular orchids.

The orchid phalaenopsis has a special charm, a beauty that is truly unique home is one of the most flowers, painted by the artists.

Materials : Mixed linen - Colour washable and non-toxic.
Type of embroidery: A day
Tablecloth Magnolias

This tablecloth was made and painted for a lady the italo-american who lives in Louisiana (USA) lover of Italian craftsmanship.
One of his granddaughters who was to come has thought well to give this tablecloth on which I painted this beautiful flower american typical of the state of Louisiana.

In the USA to give magnolias is a wish of good luck.

Materials : Mixed linen - Colour washable and non-toxic.
Type of embroidery: A day
Tablecloth Daisies

The daisies painted on this tablecloth are served has to complete a beautiful table cloth from the embroidery and important work.

Cute, stylized, to complete a beautiful work of tailoring.


Materials : Mixed linen - Colour washable and non-toxic.
Type of embroidery: ...
Tablecloth Christmas

This is my personal tablecloth Christmas with the which welcome every year, friends and relatives at home.

On the tablecloth, I painted the candles and clovers .


Materials : Mixed linen - Colour washable and non-toxic.
Type of embroidery: None
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