Placeholder - Tambourines Naples

These are the tambourines placeholders that were present on the tables at my wedding.
On the drums I've hand painted some of the places to which I and my husband are very much related:
The Palazzo donn'anna - Window of Marechiaro - The beach Calanca Marina di Camerota - Vesuvius and gulf of Naples
Under Costruction
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Ideas painted by Daniela Palma
as a child I had only a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and I was hours and hours drawing. 
Growing up, I wondered what it was art. I tried to give me an answer by studying it, I majored in Art History. But still I can not answer that old question. 
Today I am a full-time mom, but I like to draw and paint again because it's the only thing that allows me to dream and to go girl. 
For a few years I began to devote myself to painting on fabric, in particular, with satisfactory results for my friends and admirers, and especially for me because I have no way of giving hand to my creative instinct. 
I decided to open this website showcase for my work with the hope that my job today that I carry in a very occasional one day will become my profession. 
For works on cloth using color wash-resistant up to 60 ° C. The best results are obtained on natural fibers such as cotton and linen. 
Contact us for any inquiry and information. I am at your disposal. 

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Daniela Palma 
+39 347 89 45 772

                                                                                   Declaration of works of his wit Works published and sold are the result of my creative ingenuity and therefore fall into the category belonging to art. 04, paragraph 2, letter H of Legislative Decree 114 / 31.03.98 (ex "art.61"). I declare that I am not exercising the retail trade of these articles in a professional manner but rather doing so sporadically (occasional trade), therefore not subject to the commercial disciplines contained in D.Lgs 114/98 which, on the other hand, regulates the activities of trade in professional and continuous form. I herewith declare, for the purposes of applying art. 4th paragraph 2 letter h of Legislative Decree of 31 March 1998 n. 114 to exhibit and to sell, occasionally and occasionally, products which are the result and the work of my creativity and ingenuity, which fall into art. 4 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 114/98 and therefore not be obliged to enroll in any of the Registers (compulsory for professional business entrepreneurs) at any Chamber of Commerce of the Italian Territory in relation to the treated articles. At the same time, the paintings you see are marketed sporadically and occasionally, so they are not sold with a tax receipt but accompanied by a non-tax receipt. (DLgs 114 31/03/1998 "Reform of the trade-related discipline", the administrative regulations for the business sector do not apply to: (h) Who sells or places for sale their artwork, as well as those creativity, including their scientific or informational publications, also realized by means of computer support provided it is an occasional activity and the author and the seller are the same person.​

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